Friday, June 10, 2011

'Ria Made Me Cry / Friday, June 10

'Ria came by this morning, insisting we go garage sale-ing.

While out, I spied this and stopping dead in my tracks.

It's the cookie jar from my childhood.

I purposely left my wallet at home, and now I was faced with this. Something I wanted. Nay, I NEEDED.

Clutching it to my chest, I turned to 'Ria.

"Maria, will you please buy me a cookie jar?"

"Sure sweetie," came the reply.

And with tears in my eyes and a large lump in the my throat, I said thank you.

You know. Because cookie jars will do that to you.

(Thank you, Maria. I love you, too.)

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  1. My happiness comes from your happiness...(and fresh baked cookies)...Just sayin... xoxo