Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pout Giveaway! / Saturday, October 15

When it came time to find sponsors for 365, my thoughts turned to people I know. 

Folks with whom I have a personal relationship.

People I want to see succeed like there's no tomorrow.

Whose products and services make me proud to say, "I KNOW THEM!"

When I started to think about it, Kris Noonan and her store, Pout Baby Boutique came to mind right away. 

One of my favorite people, Kris stocks her store with colorful, sturdy baby and kid pieces from size nuthin' to 8. 

Stuff you're not going to see on every kid at school. 

No Chez Target or Penney's look-alikes here, folks!

Kris and Pout have been kind enough to donate a gift certificate to 365. 

For FIFTY dollars, y'all. 

That's nothing to sneeze at. 

Let me show you what's available over at the store. 

(If you're already in love with Kris and Pout, you can scroll to the bottom to find out how to enter.)

First off, let me tell you that entire store makes me wish I was smaller. 

But then I couldn't see over a steering wheel. 

Maybe I need to rethink that. 

Let's start at the chapeaus, shall we? 

Damn my big-ass Gilligan head.

I SO need a smiley-face knit hat with those hangy-thingy-puff-balls.

There are more bottles and nursing products than you can shake a stick at.

Or do we call it breast-feeding these days?

 And Onesie-type garments that make me shudder at the thought of what I put MY kid in 20 years ago.

In comparison, I may have well as clothed the boy child in flour-sack towels.


There was one day where that may have actually happened. 

Remind me to make sure he tells his shrink.

You know.

When he gets one.

You know what we didn't have when Mike was a baby?

AWESOME swaddling blankets.

At least, I think it's called swaddling.

I dunno.

We just called it, "burrito baby time!"

Check out these colors. 

I SWEAR to you, the more time I spend looking at Pout's awesome stuff, the more I start to believe Mike was a baby before color was invented.

I wish they made these in my size.

I'm pretty sure I need one.

I'll tell you what I'd choose if I won. 

Remember Raggedy

A blanket just like her. 

One that would be drug around for years to come.

And provide comfort at every turn. 

Then I'd give it to someone size-appropriate.

(You're lucky I disqualified myself.)

As you can imagine, Pout has just the thing.

Isn't she beautiful?

BeeTeeDbus, there were three colors of that blankie. 


How will YOU spend $50 at Pout?

Let's get you entered to win!

Tell me what you'd like from the store, or about a special little person in your life in the comments section of this post. 

One comment per person. Entries must be received by Wednesday at 12pm CST.

Those who like 365 on Facebook get an extra entry. 

Remember: if you don’t leave your email address, I can’t tell you that you’re a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Winners outside of the F-M metro area will be notified and we'll figure it out. 365 will pay for shipping. 

I’m sweet like that.

Entrants names will be scrawled on slips of paper and thrown into my favorite wooden bowl. Winner will be drawn by a blindfolded Lee. 

Winners will be announced Wednesday evening. 

Good luck!


  1. I heart POUT. ANNNND kris. :) and YOU! what a great giveaway!

  2. I "like" you on facebook too. you know, for an extra entry.

    OH and I LOVE that yummy blankie. seriously.

  3. I love the wheely bugs, and my little bug who will be one year old soon should have one for his birthday :)

  4. Pout is one of our favorite hang out spots. Bring the kids to play, moms to shop and visit with the incredible Kris. Fun days! And a bag full of goodies for the kids is a bonus. Love her products! Stylish boy stuff finally! No "wussy" sailboats! Thanks Kris for making boy shopping hip! Natalie

  5. I don't even have children of my own and I LOVE going to Pout! My nieces and nephews (and their momma's) love their stuff AND Kris is awesome! I hope someday I will be buying stuff there for my kiddos but for now I am content doing it as an aunt!

  6. The wheely bugs are very cool!

  7. My Graycie and I LOVE Kris and Pout! I would definitely use this on my lil girl and probably get more bamboo blankies, an outfit, piggy paint or whatever she is in need of!!! :)

  8. LOVE this giveaway & just liked your FB page!

  9. It would be hard to choose!! Pout has SO MANY great things! I would probably go for a pettiskirt or a pettiromper. Or new hats for my girls. Or new hair clippies.

  10. I LOVE this store. When the owner e-mails you to tell you about new items you might like, you know she's pretty special! Customer service at its finest. I also love that everything you buy comes wrapped in tissue. I have a long list of things I'd love to have from Pout! I'd definitely get a new dress and funky tights to go with it.

  11. Pout has so many great products! I LOVE the Earth Muffin bug repellants that Kris has there. My little man has very sensitive skin, so the Earth Muffin products are great for him!

    She also has GORGEOUS diaper bags!

  12. I miss Pout since we moved from Fargo! We always stop in whenever we're in town to check things out and say hello to our friend Kris though. :) I like that she has online shopping available...but nothing compares to visiting the store in person! I'd use the gift certificate on something soft and yummy for my Meredith and Nolan...or hats because I can't resist a cute hat on a round baby head.

  13. I too miss my Pout, moved a couple years ago and Kris is the first person I go to when I need something. She was becoming kind of special person to me(I know she is special to many). I love the hats, the Earth Muffin products, the clothes. I could spend lot of money fast!

  14. Pout is so incredible. When my daughter was just little, we started to travel to Fargo weekly only to go to Pout. It was so nice to be able to walk around and look at all the cute, fun and most of all unique items that you couldn't get without traveling farther south--it was like a little mommy getaway, but with the kids too! Thank you, Kris, for opening up such a fun place for all of us to gather and chit-chat about babies and just life itself. Now that my daughter is four and we are expecting a baby boy in January we have been brought back to Pout only to find even cuter things--is that even possible?!? We just love Pout!

  15. I have not visited Pout, I always think, I should stop in there and I just haven't done it. So I guess this would be a great excuse. I have two little boys, and I am positive I could find them something!

  16. So cute!

    I know I would find something great for the twins!


  17. cute store... love the shoes!

  18. I now "like" you on FB as well :)

  19. LOVE the mouse wheelie bug! With baby #3 almost here there a ton I love!

  20. That blanket looks super cozy!

  21. I'm loving the stuff! LOve to see more multiples sets ;)

  22. Great site!

    I love the Lucy dress.