Monday, August 15, 2011

What Do These Things Have In Common? / Monday, August 15

These sweet little guys are geese on Crystal's mantle. 

Oh, wait. 

Maybe their ducks.  

Apparently I can't tell the difference between a duck and a goose. 

So what? 

They're statues. 

It's not like they're on a plate and Mr. Ramsay is shouting at me, "For the love of God, Laura: Peking or ala Orange? Answer me, woman!"

Just the thought of that scenario makes me break out in a flop sweat. 

I'm gonna need a new shirt. 

Here we have Famous Amos. 

Window stalking some poor, unsuspecting bird. 

Or maybe it was a duck. 

I wouldn't know. 

And finally, a tree reflection.

So what DO these have in common?

I really couldn't tell ya. 

Honestly, I was hoping maybe you'd know. 


  1. They represent a rudimentary circle of life: The kitty preys on the birds (quite possibly bird statues even), the birds prey on the trees... with their poop, and the trees prey on the kitties cause kitties can go up, but not always down. Strange logic I know.