Friday, September 30, 2011

An Old Tune In A New Note / Thursday, September 29

“It’s all about who you know.”

I’ve heard this phrase spoken time and time again. 

Usually spoken in frustration, jealousy or defeat, I’ve even uttered it in such a manner myself.

Frustrated by a perceived slight, favoritism or rejection, I’d blame whatever "it" was on a group of people connected to one another.

People I didn't actually know.

People whose names I couldn't even guess.

Whomever "they" were, they were connected to those making decisions about hiring, promoting, creating a team, casting a part. The list could go on for miles.

Tonight, I gathered to celebrate a birthday with friends and was introduced to women I’d heard about, but not yet met in person … or even on Facebook, if you can believe that.

A high-spirited evening ensued, full of intelligent conversation, raucous laughter and plenty of silliness.

Walking to my vehicle afterward, I was struck by the outstanding quality of women I’ve been meeting over the past few years right here in Fargo, North-Never-Mind-The-Cold-Dakota.

Amazing women.

Strong women.

Women of faith.

Women of conviction.

Women of action.

Women who, simply by being themselves, make me a better Me.

And wouldn’t you know it? 

Right there in the parking lot of Paradiso, I realized that I’d had it wrong for thirty-plus years.

Having these connections, these networks, these support systems wasn’t something to sneer at.

Rather, it’s a time-honored and soul-filling tradition.

A tradition to be mindful of.

To nurture.

To celebrate.

Amazing people crank your amazing to 11.

Strong people make you stronger.

The faithful remind you of the reasons to have faith.

People of action spurn you into forward movement of your own.

You being your best You gives others a space to be their best Them.

It can’t help but happen.

And so it goes.


We choose who we know.

We reflect those around us.

In turn, those around us reflect (you guessed it!) us.

If you don't like what you're seeing, change your scenery. 

Surround yourself with people that amaze you. 

Choose well, my friends.

Because as it turns out, it really is all in who you know. 

And now, since this is, after all, a photo blog, and I am without the SLR, I give you another mobile phone photo. 

This is in front of the restaurant we went to tonight.

Yup. That's exactly what you think it is. 

You know, 'cause I like me some big (ahem) chickens.


  1. You had me at hello and then lost me at the big cock.

  2. Well put - and something to reflect on!