Monday, November 7, 2011

What Amos Done Did / Monday, September 7

Look closely. 

At right about the middle of the shot.

See those?


As it turns out, I knew what the problem was.

The day before, I high-tailed it outta here like my tail was on fire.

In that frenzied state, I left a water glass on the table.

Two ounces of H2O.

I may as well have left out pureed catnip.

Amos found it.

And turned it over.

And it sat for over 24 hours.


Recalling how Lee saved my flashdrive, I took action.

By dumping a shiz-ton of uncooked rice on the lumps. 

Then I remembered what a curious little jerkwad Amos is. 

And slapped a roaster lid on it.

You know, cause if you like it, then ya shoulda put a lid on it.

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