Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Last Supper / Tuesday, August 16

Tonight was the Boy's last night at home before heading to college. 

Of course, college in this case is right across the river. 

Six and one half miles away. 

Clearly, a proper family dinner was in order. 

Something that would stick in yer teeth. 

Naturally, Tim was there.

At the very last minute, Greener was able to join us. 

Lee took most of the pictures.

Because this one night, I just wanted to be there.


With that kid.

With my family.

Six and a half miles feels like a continent away.


  1. You'll be okay Laura!!! I went to college at MSUM and visited my parents every Sunday. It was our thing and I miss it now. Growing up and getting busier with adult life ain't easy you know :) He, and you, will be alright. Promise.

  2. Oh in 5 years I'll be in your shoes. Take it all in Mama Laura. You've done great and you're ready to let him fly from the nest...all 6 1/2 long miles from home. Hang in there!