Saturday, November 12, 2011

Smash Cake Baby / Friday, November 11

As you must know by now, I have one son.

The Boy RD.

His Majesty.

Monkey Pants.


My first and one true love, that boy is the center of my heart and universe.

He is, however, tall.

Too tall to snuggle.

Too tall to fall asleep on my chest.

Too tall to let me carry him around.

One of my best friends, Crystal, was kind enough to have three little boys so that I can enjoy those things.

Thoughtful, isn't she?

The littlest one is my Godson.

And his first birthday was Thursday.

And his Mama made him a smash cake.

Because she is a GENIUS.

We tried and tried to get a shot of Mom, Dad & Brandt all looking at the camera.

It sounded like a nice idea.

Good thing Dad was paying attention.

It never quite worked though.

Which was a good thing.

The shot just before this was both Mom & Dad looking up.

Brandt, however, was tipping the plate onto the floor.

That would be Megan's hand saving the plate's life. (HI, MEGAN!)

With Mom and Dad cleaning up the carnage, Gavin and Nolan took a moment to taste-test all of the frosting colors.

Naturally, there was present opening.

He was pretty excited about the wrapping paper.

This is when I scooped him up and ate him. 
The end. 

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