Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fields, Drips and Toilet Seats

There is a field along I29 in North Fargo that I love.

I've been meaning to stop for ... oh, about six years now, with the idea to stop and snap a few photos.

It's beauty always grabs me.

Sometimes it's foggy.

Sometimes cows are grazing.

Sometimes it's holding up a sunset.

And sometimes it's just still.

I love it in all its forms.

The tree line along the avenue is gorgeous, and I've always wondered what lay on the other side, hidden from view as I drive to and from work and all points southwest.

Turns out, it was a gate.

And another treeline.

And apparently, a discarded toilet seat.

Who knew?

Realizing the field shots weren't really that interesting, I glanced around for inspiration.

It wasn't until the drive out that I noticed the dripping.

Ladies and gentlemen?

I give you ... the dripping.

After that toilet seat, I bet you were worried about exactly what was dripping, weren't ya?

You're welcome.

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