Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When Amos Attacks

Amos has a very specific foot-attacking methodology.

First, he tests each foot. 

Presumably, this is for tenderness.

Or perhaps for mobility. 

(Ya gotta choose the slower limb when you're little and the chosen limbs are bigger than you.)

Then he braces himself against the rejected limb, and begins to gnaw on whatever's at the end of the limb he has deemed worthy. (foot, hand, head ... it doesn't much matter)

(note the amount of top left fang, and how much of it is buried)

Once he gnaws on the target, and it's the desired consistency (ground beef, for example), he abandons the rejected foot, swings his rear legs to the front, and adds the age-old 'rabbit kick' technique to the beatdown. 

Eventually, your screams of anguish break through his focus, and he conveys the one and only thought in his mind at that moment.

What's wrong?

Damn cat.

1 comment:

  1. Bad diddy. Bad, bad diddy. No eats mama's feetses.