Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ignore the Dust. He Does. / Saturday, July 16

Life with Amos is much like it is with any two year-old. If you can hear him, everything is fine. But if he's quiet, you can assume he's holed up somewhere, building an explosive device or sharpening a kitchen knife.

The dining room is placed in our home in such a location that unless you're specifically headed there, you've really no reason to wander through. (As evidenced by the dust on the table.)

Apparently, Bad Diddy figured this out and has been taking advantage of the quiet, lounging on the dining room table at will.

I went in looking for a phone charger and he streeeettttched and sat up.

I scolded him for being on the table.

He stared at me as though I'd lost my mind.

I sighed in defeat and went to grab my camera.

He stayed put.

I raised the camera and adjusted some settings, muttering the whole while about the "damn cat."

He responded with a surly, "What?" look.

Welcome to my life.

It's dusty and it's surly.

At least the cats are comfortable.