Friday, July 15, 2011

“Fish sticks? What? Is it our anniversary again?” / Friday, July 15

(points if you get the fish stick reference)

Maria's husband, Tate, is quite the fisherman. 

This is a good thing, because around my house we LOVE us some fish. (Or, as Mike called it as a child, and as we still say, "pishy-pishy".)

I was at 'Ria's house last night to celebrate her birthday (read: we are old and had brownies and coffee while watching television), when I asked Tate when he was gonna catch me some walleye. 

For those of you not from these parts, walleye is an extraordinarily mild white fish native to these parts, especially MN. 




Tate responded by telling me he had a freezer full of the stuff, then hopped off the couch and scurried back to lob a frozen bag at me. (Tate is all boy. Throwing things at you is his way of sharing.) 

As I was leaving, I mentioned to 'Ria that today is the anniversary of that hot-ass, no air-conditioning, marshmallow of a dress, mosquito-ridden day eleven years ago when my husband and I were married. 

That's when Tate whipped open the pantry and threw the Shore Lunch in my direction. 

Clearly, I'm to understand Shore Lunch is for special occasions.

Lee and I are pretty pleased to have an anniversary to celebrate. 

And the walleye? 

Well ... when you're old like us, walleye is cause for serious celebration. 

Thank you, Tater Tot! We will no doubt toast to you this evening. 

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