Wednesday, September 28, 2011

544 Miles, Revisited / Monday, September 26

Some of you may remember the girl trip I took last fall to attend Miss Sarah's wedding. (HI, SARAH!)

As I was rummaging in my archives wondering what in the world I was going to post about, I came upon a folder of images from that trip, and the afterglow of a seriously wonderful weekend came flooding back.  

That's Maria on the far left, standing next to Tammy. Sarah is the one in white. 

I have no idea who the dude with the 'stache and scarf is.


The morning of our departure, we decided to be tourists and headed up the Pembina Gorge lookout thingy.

It was stunning.

So stunning both video and still were required.

And then we fell off the rock wall. 


(If we fell off the wall, I wouldn't be posting this.)

(Silly goose.)

This was the weekend I figured out how the timer option worked on my camera. There were five photos in this sequence, and the only one in which all of our eyes and we aren't laughing so hard it looks like we're in pain.

I'd like to recommend you all take a trip like that.

Mustaches, falling off walls and all.

The word according to Laura.

You may be seated.

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