Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Eyes Have It / Thursday, September 8

The Plains Art Museum has a Facebook contest of sorts every Thursday with today's theme being, "Chocolate."

With this in mind, I charged my camera battery, made sure I had slapped a SD card in, and went about my day, camera in hand.

I got to spend part of the day with my friend, Carolyn.

These are the intelligent, compassionate eyes I get to bounce ideas off of, sometimes whine to, and always laugh with. 


It was Carolyn's eyes I had the idea to shoot today's PAM theme. 

Then I got her into the light, started snapping and said, "those are green!"

We disagreed for a moment, and I turned to the guy next to us in the coffee shop for his opinion. 

I thrust my camera in his face, demanding to know what color eyes he saw in the shot I'd just taken when we ... made ... eye ... contact. 


I knew right away we had not just a potential contest contribution, but a blog post.

I am a horrible, horrible person. 

We exchanged names, and I didn't write his down. 

I know, I know.

And by now, I suspect even YOU know this about me.

I have to write things down. 

UPDATE: Latif has come by 365 and left his name. (HI, LATIF!) 

(Back in the coffee shop ....)

I quickly and clumsily explained about the blog, asking if I could please shoot him. 

Graciously, he agreed. 

And then, still snapping, I asked him to think of someone he loves.

You should have seen the smile that went with it.

Look at someone you love today, and give 'em the love eyes.

It's even better than chocolate.


  1. Haha Love it. By the way his name is Latif.

  2. and thank you :)I was very happy to help.

  3. LATIF!! Thank you SO much for taking my weirdness in stride and allowing me to use your image. You made my day!

  4. Love this post! =] Now I'm gonna be walking around creepily looking into people's eyes wondering what color they are...

  5. Cool story, Laura. Thanks, and thanks for being part of Theme Photo Thursday!

  6. You capture people (and things) like nobody else. Nicely shot. Nicely said.