Friday, September 2, 2011

Lessons From A Cheeky Monkey / Wednesday, August 31

The longer I live, the more I learn.

Hopefully, this will go on for some time.

Not just because I like learning, but because I like the self-made rules that come from all of that thar learnin'.

Here are four of my recent lessons-come-edicts.

ONE:  Let yourself fall in love.

I did with this lady, and even though she's leaving me in less than a month, I'll never regret the time I took getting to know her.

She's blessed my life just by being her, and being present.

I love you, Linds. 

Go, build a Baby House in Kenya

I'll send you macaroni and glitter cards while you're gone. 

And who knows? 

Maybe Crystal and I will show up on your African doorstep, ready to rock babies for a few days. 

TWO:  Never turn down chocolate zucchini cake. 

Some days, it's the only way you'll get a veggie in.

THREE:  Don't turn your nose up at cheap wine. This Double Dog Dare Merlot is pretty great.

THREE POINT FIVE:  Even if you don't drink, try the cheap wine. Your tongue will thank you. 

And make you miss rum. 

And White Russians.

And Mike's Hard Lemonade. 

FOUR: Never let a monkey make the coffee. 

Those cheeky little buggers will throw wet grounds on the floor, and then smile about it.

I so love a rebellious monkey.

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