Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dunn Bros Giveaway! / Saturday, October 1

I have to tell you about something.

Something close to my heart.

You probably already know what I’m going to talk about.

No, not big, hard … (ahem) chickens.

Something even closer.

That’s right, my little love nuggets.

We’re talking about coffee.

Oh! Glorious bean!

You are the sun to my shine!

The crème to my de menthe!

The jam to my toe!


Oh, sorry.

Specifically, I want to tell you about my favorite coffee houses in Fargo-Moorhead.

Love nuggets? Meet Dunn Bros Fargo.

A locally-owned franchise, Dunn Bros Fargo’s corporate feel stops at the name.

Sure, you can get the same great drink in downtown St. Paul as you can in either of the Fargo locations, they’ll taste the same because the baristas all get top-notch training, and the signage will all be branded in a beautifully consistent manner, but in Fargo, you get … wait for it … wait for it … FARGO!

Now, you all know how much I love this town.

If you don’t, well … I should tell you more often.

The thing about Fargo is that we’re nice.

Kind, even.

And it shows.

(Eli on 25th and Jamie on 45th? I’m talkin’ ‘bout YOU!)

Add this kindness to an expansive drink menu, stir in a nice, clean atmosphere with two locations that offer drive-thru service, and you’ve got my go-to for all things coffee—including fresh French press to order.


I lied. 

By omission, anyway. 

They’re also my go-to for Mighty Leaf Teas (the African Nectar curls my toes), Joy Pies, EVOL Burritos, home-baked doughnuts and cookies, Chipperz, and (get this!) honest to goodness burlap sacks that transported the unroasted coffee beans from Africa and South America to Fargo.

Oh? I didn’t mention that, huh?

I know!

I was saving the best for last.

It’s the pièce de résistance.

The goo in the middle.

The … oh.

I bet you don’t want me to go to toe jam again, huh?

Well, it’s my favorite thing.

(The fresh beans. Not the toe jam.)

Dunn Bros roasts their coffee in each store.

Here, I'll let them tell you why. 

Dark roast, full city roast … you name it, it happens.

Beans from Ethiopia, Mexico, Venezuela … the list goes on, and changes based on crop availability.

Nothing sits on shelves in a warehouse.

It’s nirvana.

Which reminds me.

Try the Vanilla Iced Nirvana.

Your tongue will thank you.

So here’s the big news: Dunn Bros Fargo has graciously donated a prize for a giveaway.


That’s right!

One half-pound of fresh-roasted beans and a small specialty drink for the winner!

How does one win?

Leave a comment in the comment section of this post proclaiming your favorite coffee concoction. (Yes, frosting counts.)

One entry per person. Entries must be received by Monday at 12pm CST.

Remember: if you don’t leave your email address, I can’t tell you that you’re a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

(Hmm. There’s that chicken thing again. I should maybe talk to my shrink about that.)

Winners outside of the F-M metro area who cannot collect their prize at one of the two convenient Dunn Bros Fargo locations may ask to have their beans shipped to them. Shipping is limited to the continental United States. I’m sorry to say I can’t ship the small drink. I would, however, be happy to order what you want, consume it, and let you know how great it was.

I’m sweet like that.

Winner will be chosen by my calling one of Crystal’s boys and asking them to pick a number between 1 and how ever many comment entries there are. The first commenter will be #1, the second #2, etc.

Winners will be announced sometime after school is out on Monday.

Good luck!


  1. Pick me! Pick me! Favorite concoction: milk frothed + toasted marshmallow syrup + cinnamon flavored coffee = heaven!

  2. I like my coffee straight-up black. No concoctions for me. Oh, unless it's coffee ice cream. Which they do not offer at Dunn Bros, unfortunately.

  3. I prefer a hot full bodied black in a large cup. Steamy.... caffeinated love in a cup

  4. I'm a black kinda gal. The darker the better:) On occasion I put cinnamon in the grounds, and on a very special occasion - a touch of thick heavy whipping cream:)

  5. Mmmm my favorite is a sugar-free cinnamon dolce soy latte :)

  6. YUM! I like a soy latte. Simple and wonderful.

  7. hmmmmmm my favorite??? so hard to chose. Love it it dark black rich and straight up. But all a great thick mochas with a shot of vanilla syrup.... yummmmmmyy

  8. Hi! I, too, love Dunn Bros even though I'm not a coffee fan. I do, however, LOVE the detox tea! Love just BEING at either the 25th or the 45th stores in Fargo. Good idea, Laura!

  9. I don't drink coffee, but a wonderful hot chocolate any time of the year makes me happy!

  10. My favorite coffee drink is...wait for it....a pumpkin spice latte. It is like a warm autumn day in a is a hug and a snuggle on a cool autumn day...who am I kidding? It's frickin' delicious!