Sunday, October 23, 2011

At Jenn's House / Sunday, October 23

I've been saving photos.

Not just the, "oh, crap, I forgot to take a picture today!" kind, either.

No, no.

For me.

That's right.

I've been greedy.

I've waited until a day when I knew fall was giving way to winter.

A day I knew I'd need to draw back to a bright, summer day.

Today, my friends, is one of those days.

Remember my friend, Jenn?

I had posted a question to Facebook, asking if I could come shoot pictures at anybody's work.

Jenn was among the first to respond with a, "you can come shoot my oil racks!"

Needless to say, I told her I'd love to shoot her rack.

And then I giggled to myself.

Are you familiar with Young Living Oils?

I find them to be heavenly.

A good, therapeutic-grade oil can cure what ails ya.

Some, you can even ingest!

(Ever had a glass of water with a drop of lemon oil? DELIGHTFUL!)

And often, the blends are named in a way that just cry out to you.




Yes, please!

Of course, hanging out with Jenn, these things were built in. 

One must be valiant to play with such sharp-clawed kittens. 

One must have an abundance of brains to think about things as thoroughly as Jenn does.

And the joy?

Well, that one's obvious.

Some folks are just like that.

For more information about oils, or to ask Jenn about her work as a trained health kinesiologist, visit Jenn her online

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