Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life and Death / Sunday, October 16

The thing about walking into one my best friend's house is the evidence of life. 

Usually, the first thing one notices is the decibel level.

With 5 year-old twins and an almost 12 month-old, it's generally pretty high.

And by that, it means it sounds like joy incarnate.

Truthfully, if things aren't loud, I worry. 

Her house oft tickles the olfactory glands as well.




Homemade somethin' or another.

It always smells like love.

But the thing that gets me every time, the thing that brings a smile to my face is the evidence of life in toys.

I once saw Gavin pull a plush, stuffed mouse out of a vase as though that's where everyone keeps their cute, fuzzy mice.

I've seen Nolan pushing that same toy mouse in a tractor. 

Everything is a toy. 

Nothing has rules about "how" they're supposed to be played with.

Those kids are allowed to explore.

To dream.

To imagine.

To live.

These guys?


They weren't so lucky.

But I bet that battle was EPIC.

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