Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Blog: What They Did On Their Vacation / Thursday, October 27

Today's post comes to us from one of my favorite people, Jenna. Or, as I like to call her, J-Boo.  

'Boo is one of Crystal's sisters. (HI, CRYSTAL! I'M GLAD YOU'RE BACK!) (HI, 'BOO! I MISS YOU!) 

She is currently kickin' it Florida-style with another sister, Kaela. (HI, KAELA! XOXOXO) 

'Boo moved down to Kaela's place at the end of the last school year to establish her Sunshine State-residency with the intent of attending grad school down there. I should probably mention Kaela's married. His name is Dan. (HI, DAN!)

'Boo's gonna be an anthropologist. 

You know. 

All Indiana Jones-like. 


That's an archaeologist. 


I get it confused because 'Boo, when she French braids her long, luxurious Kardashian hair and wears the right bra, looks like Lara Freakin' Croft

You know. 

Tomb Raider, baby!

You see how a girl could get all muddled up. 

Where were we?

Oh, right. 


That's where Crystal stole took my boys last week. 

When I dropped them off against my better, self-centered judgement at the airport. 

All the way to Florida. 

My heart is barely mending.

(Don't cry for me, Argentina.)

The fun they had was astronomical. 

Alligators, a Miami Dolphins game, the beach, speed boatin', crab eatin' and a whole lot o' backyard pool swimmin' was had. 

The best part? 

Getting to spend time with family. 

But don't take my word for it. 

Take it away, 'Boo!

Two  months and 18 days.

Who knew two months and 18 days could feel like two years and 18 days.


As soon as we rounded the last bend at the airport, I could feel my soul jump out of my very core and as I  ran toward them.

Here I thought being in Florida was as hot as I’d get.

But Gavin’s “Hiiiiii Auntie Jennnna!” and each and every vigorous hug warmed my heart all over again.

You could say each day, hour, minute, moment was treasured.

Clich√© I know…

But look…

There were some seriously exhilarating boat rides.

That led to lots of "CWAB," there has always got to be a little cwab.

Can't you just feel the excitement?

He exclaimed to the entire restaurant, "Oooh, this is all I've been thinkin' about!"

We also found a couple of beach babes while we were surfing the waves one day ...

Ooh, and this third beach babe.  

Ayy, look at that physique.

BUT, they were busy looking at the other chicks that day.

And by looking, I mean staring. 

I’d missed these folks, with every inch of my heart.

After all, they’re not just family. They’re soul-family.

The kind you’d choose to have around even if they weren’t blood.

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  1. We love you, Auntie Jenna! And we miss you more than you know. It was SO good to see you.

  2. Lovely! Great photos.

    And you'll be back soon, right?:)

  3. Love the post. Love the love. And love every last one of you =]