Friday, October 7, 2011

Premature Bathing in Lowertown / Friday, October 7

I'm in St. Paul visiting Troy and workin' on some bidness.

As we've discussed before, I don't do 100% business.

It makes me nauseous.

Troy had the perfect remedy.

Meet Addilynn.

She starts out pretty skeptical. 

And warms up eventually. 

While Troy's wife, Chanda, and son, Jake, were visiting family, the tree of us went to the St. Paul Art Crawl and walked all over Lowertown.

When we got home, Troy threw a pizza in the oven and Addi into the bathtub.

I can't lie.

I was super impressed with his efficiency.

Then Troy, on a whim, decided today was a good day to give Addi her very own bowl of ice cream.

I couldn't have visited on a better day.

First and foremost, she couldn't believe how darned cold the stuff was.

Or what a glorious goatee it could become.

And, like her father the film maker, she's got some director in her.

You gettin' this, woman?

I asked her if she was doin' okay.

She assured me she was.

Though apparently, the rocky road was a little rockier than expected.

Hey, Addi -- ya got a little somethin' in there.


Right THERE.

When she stood up to show us just how done she was, one thought circled round and round in my mind. 

I'm sure the same thought was going through Troy's head as he swooped her into his arms.


You guessed it.

For the second bath of the day.

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