Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! / Dunn Bros Fargo

Ladies and gentlemen?

We have a WINNER!

This afternoon, I was mindin' the store when I realized Crystal's boys were likely busy at karate and that I had to get on the stick and get a random number chosen. 

I looked at the stranger in front of me and blurted, "pick a number between one and ten!"

She musta been a Mom.

You know how I know?

Because she threw a number back at me faster than lightening. 

Faster than my kid dissappears when it's time to unpack the groceries. 

Slicker than the scum of a L'usiana swamp. 

You get the point.

The winning number reveals to us the preference of a tall, dark and handsome cup o' joe. 

But really? 

Isn't that how we all like 'em?

Number 7? 

Beth B.? 

Come on down!

Congratulations, lady. 

And really? 

Holler if ya need company washin' down the prize.

Stay tuned for the next giveway coming from Pout Baby Boutique!

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