Monday, August 29, 2011

Crazy Little House That May or May Not Have a Labyrinth For A Yard / Sunday, August 28

At the the corner of 32nd Ave S and 42nd St S in Fargo, a little yellow house and it's ... er ... landscaping takes up an entire corner lot.

Sorry, I really don't know what to call the maze-y stuff.

Is it still a labyrinth if a leprechaun can see over it?


What's shorter, a leprechaun or an elf?

With no signage to indicate the "why" of its presence, I could only assume its purpose was to serve as an invitation to explore.

Even if I didn't know which magical creature lived here.

Naturally, I accepted.

I even followed the pavers creating a path "in".

Of course, I was waylaid by the maze. 

Once inside, I admired the ... uh ... the being inside of it all. 

And the crazy, but seemingly durable angles.

So, so many angles. 

I was totally charmed by the window box flowers.

I've always wanted a window box.

Even fake flowers are sweet in such a box.

It's such an interesting little place.

Especially since it's situated on one of the most well-traveled intersections in the metro area.

And under these behemoths.

May you discover a little unexpected whimsy in your own landscape.

And when you do?

I hope you explore it.

With or without the mythical, magical creature of your choice.


  1. The person who owns this lot is a friend of a friend. He's a landscaper. He didn't know what to do with the vacant lot he owns so he thought he'd build a labyrinth of sorts and advertise some cool things he can do in your yard. I think he's just waiting for the right offer to sell the lot, but it does make for some interesting thoughts as you drive by.

  2. Now that makes sense.

    Thanks for clearing things up. And mostly, thanks for visiting, Miss Katie!