Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Found Some Kids At The Zoo / Saturday, August 21

Hello, and welcome to my own little zoo!


That's a lie. 

They're my imported zoo. 

In honor of my mother-in-law's birthday, my sister-in-law (HI, CAMMY!) brought the kids into town from her town, many miles away. 

So many miles away, in fact, that there are multiple potty stops involved in the trek. 

And that's just when I'm alone. 

Oh. Sorry. 

I thought everybody wanted to know about my squirrel bladder. (HI, TROY!)

My mother-in-law chose an afternoon at the zoo, then dinner out and dessert at our house on this, the day marking the date of her birth. (The Godfather, anyone?)

I took along the camera, figuring I'd get some great animal shots. 

Here's a pair of Swedish monkey siblings realizing they're being observed. 

Clearly, their fight-or-flight response kicked in.

They began to run.

Which is good.

I don't know that I could take 'em in hand-to-jelly-smeared-hand combat.

(That little one is crazy strong.)

(Like "spider monkey on Kool-Aid" crazy strong.)

Run, little spider monkey, run!

The taller one quickly left the younger one in the dust.

It didn't seem to impede his urge to gain ground, though.

He began to coordinate his stride with the motion of his arms. 

It was magic. 

Of course, by now y'all already know the truth about my zoos:

They're all magic. 

*I'd like to apologize to the memory of Dr. Walter Cannon for the incorrect and borderline lame attempt at a misdirect using his theory. What can I say? Throwing in science stuff amuses me, even at a rudimentary level. Ah, who are we kidding? ESPECIALLY at a rudimentary level.

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