Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reunion / Thursday, August 11

I got to see an old friend today. 

World, meet Troy. (HI, TROY!) 

Troy and I worked together years ago, and have quite the connection. He was the first person I encountered who put me squarely in the belief of past lives. His son, Jake, is one I knew even before he was born. 

As excited as I was to see T'Roy again, I was even more excited to meet his beautiful daughter, Addi. Poor little pumpkin was tired and slept the whole time, but that's okay. It gave us a chance to cruise Fargo and talk. Because everybody knows you never wake a sleeping baby. 

May you have a chance to reunite with someone you love, meet the new people they love, and enjoy the simple things in life that mean so much. 

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