Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mug Shot / Wednesday, August 3

At this point in our relationship, you've likely realized I have a small problem.

OK, an addiction, really. 

What? Like you don't imbibe. 

Coffee is my life's blood. 

Not because of the rush, either. Truth be told, I drink half-caff or decaf most days.  

It has everything to do with the experience. The sensual nature of it. Taste, sight, touch, smell ... even the sound of the brew falling into the cup brings me comfort and excitement all wrapped into one. 

For me, a very important part of that experience is the vessel. 

The cup. 

The mug. 

Enter this little beauty. 

I was lucky enough to work with these folks at their staff retreat this week, and was given this mug as a bonus thank you.

Apparently, they have no idea who they were dealing with.

They had no idea I would fall firmly in love with their organization over a coffee cup.

Everything they do, everything they encompass, can be gleaned from this next shot.

It's not the typical, "how to tell if someone is abused" verbiage.

It's not the, "all the bad stuff in one handy list" graphic.

It's the opposite.

It's positive.

In the midst of despair, from an agency who deals daily with what must be the most destructive behaviors of the human condition, they seek the positive.

And they acknowledge it.

And they paint a picture of what it looks like. So that those who have never experienced this kind of love, this kind of life, can picture it for themselves.

Now that, my friend, is how you have a positive impact.

Paint the picture.

Spread the word.

Make a stand for good.

Beautiful, isn't it?

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