Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sea Nettles at Sea World / Monday, August 23

I was waylaid today.


Bunny trailed. 

Off the map. 

You get the point. 



Okay, well, let me lay it out in no uncertain terms.

I failed to take a photo today. 


That's a lie. 

I took one on my phone, but it's already on the Book of Faces because it was one of those, "as we speak" kind of things to share with my friends. 

All four hundred eighty four of them. 

You're not alone.

I'm still confused by that whole idea.

Another idea that gives me pause is that three (count them: THREE) pieces of my heart are all now residing in Florida. 

(HI, KY!)

(HI, VIC!)

(HI, BOO!)

The good news is that they're all within spittin' distance of one another. 

Not that I'd spit on any of them.

Not on purpose anyway. 

But you know, sometimes it happens

So with my trio of loves tucked safely in my heart, I give you photos from a trip Lee & I took last year to ... (wait for it) ... (wait for it) ... 


You're already there, aren't you? 


You're right. 

It's Florida. 

While I feel guilty that these aren't fresh from the ol' oatmeal can, they were among the very first photos I ever took with my then new Canon!


I knew an exclamation mark would get ya all excited!

It works every time!


Oh, not then. 

Mea culpa.

Let's just enjoy the photos, shall we? 


Now doesn't that feel nice? 

Yeah ... me too. 

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