Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Faces of Dorm Move-In Day / Thursday, August 18

Much like the first day of kindergarten, shoe-tying was the first order of the day. 

As was waiting in line. 

"This line will be the death of me."

Andrew and his buddy live right across the hall.

Andrew and Mike have been friends since elementary school.

Part of me is pleased.

The other part is terrified.

Miss Hepburn made an appearance.

Our local newspaper, The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, dispatched photographer Dave Wallis to cover the new status of Mike's hall.

"What new status, Dave? Co-e ...? What now? Oh boy. Oh! And girls? Uh HUH. I see."

I don't want to see.

But thanks.

This guy took the news hard, as well.

The boy child didn't seem to mind the coed-edness of his surroundings at all.

I didn't report my findings to these nice people.

They're the roommate's parents. 

Dropping their child off from Wisconsin

That's more than 6.5 miles. 

I checked.

Leapin' lizards, man. 

No way I could handle that kind of distance this semester. 

Maybe 6.5 miles isn't so bad, after all. 

Surely he'll be okay. 

The rooms have locks, after all. 

I also find comfort in knowing he is so obviously in Minnesota. 

Everybody knows about Minnesota nice. 

Besides, who could deny this face? 

Not I, that's for sure. 

But, Son? 

I just want to reiterate: the four basic rules still apply: 
    - Make good choices. 
    - Don't be a headline. 
    - No running naked. 
    - No throwing fruit. 

I love you, Michael James. 

Go forth and make yourself proud. 

I always will be. 

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